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EC Regulation no 1760/2000 Optional labelling of beef and beef products

Ministerial decree 29/07/2004 Optional labelling of poultry

Reference market

It is aimed at operators of the whole production chain (from field to table) involved in the production and marketing of beef and poultry. The chain is made up of several steps:

  • the farm where the animal is born
  • breeding
  • slaughter
  • sectioning laboratories
  • points of sale

Reasons and benefits

  • It offers the opportunity to include additional, optional information on the label as well as the mandatory indications, which are to be previously authorised by the Ministry for agricultural, food and forestry policies (MIPAAF).
  • It enables clear information to be guaranteed to consumers as well as product traceability throughout the chain.

Key aspects

An operator or organisation that intends to operate in the optional field is required to:

  • submit its labelling specifications to MIPAAF for authorisation;
  • indicate in the specifications the measures adopted to guarantee the truthfulness of the optional information to be included on the label;
  • undergo control by an independent body which operates according to European Standard EN 45011;
  • indicate on the label, as well as the mandatory/optional information, also the name or logo of the operator or organisation and the authorisation number of the specification issued by MIPAAF.

Possibility to give the consumer information such as:

  • category
  • information about the animal
  • information concerning livestock fattening (i.e. company location)
  • name and location of the slaughterhouse
  • name and location of the sectioning laboratory
  • dry-aging time (only for cattle)
  • breeding techniques
  • type of feed
  • logo, name of organisation and organisation’s code assigned by MIPAAF.

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