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Certification of agricultural-food chain traceability – controlled chain

Controlled chain certification is a guarantee for the consumer of compliance with the requirements established by a technical document whose cornerstones are product traceability and hygiene-health requirements. It is necessary, first of all, to identify the chain and appoint a “head of the chain” who takes responsibility for managing the system. The head of the chain is responsible for drawing up specifications in which the chain is described in detail and from which the relationships and responsibilities of the companies involved are clearly defined. Another fundamental characteristic of the specification is the way in which traceability and the hygiene-health aspects are managed and verified. Traceability, that is to say the possibility to reconstruct the history of the product, is to be guaranteed at every stage, involving all primary production operators up to marketing. The hygiene—health requirements are to be kept under control by implementing the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles.

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Brochure (Italian only)

Informative Questionnaire (DOC 80 KB)

Rules for the issue of the Certificate of Conformity for food products and granting of the relative Licence to use the Quality Mark (Italian only) (PDF 423 Kb)

Rules for the use of the AGROQUALITA’ certification logo, with some indications on use of the accreditation body’s logo (Italian only) (PDF ITA 180 KB)

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