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Agroqualità, a quality certification company for the agricultural-food sector, which operates in compliance with national, EU and international rules and standards on certification bodies, was established to meet the need to support the development of food products, through quality certification of products and systems. Agroqualità’s activities today focus on the food, environmental, tourism, artistic and traditional crafts sectors and the promotion of Made in Italy products.

The main objectives of Agroqualità are:

  • to perform auditing and certification services in the food sector on products and company management systems according to voluntary certification schemes or schemes regulated by national and international laws;

  • to make national products competitive on the domestic and international markets thanks to the guarantees provided by certification undertaken by an independent and impartial body;

  • to maintain relations with national, foreign and supranational institutions, companies and organisations operating in the same field of activity so as to obtain reciprocal recognition;

  • to carry out all activities which may foster relations among producers, processors, distributors and users, based on specifications and well-defined guarantee and reliability methods.

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    V.le Cesare Pavese, 305 
    00144 Roma
    email: agroqualita@agroqualita.it
    phone: 06 54228675
    fax: 06 54228692

    Enrico De Micheli 
    email: enrico.demicheli@agroqualita.it
    phone: 06 54228675
    fax: 06 54228692

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    Quality policy (Italian only) (PDF ITA 45 KB)

    How to submit complaints, remarks and appeals (Italian only) (PDF ITA 24 KB)

    Committee for the Safeguarding of Impartiality (Italian only) (PDF ITA 71 KB)

    Overview Services Legislation Publications News and Events Contact us Group Website

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