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From supermarket to restaurant, from agricultural product to ready meals, consumers are becoming much more attentive to food quality and to labels and their contents.
This has led to the development of a food safety culture, involving operators in the concept of a chain, from agriculture to animal feed, from breeding to production, from major retailing to catering, all required to guarantee the ability to offer safe consumer food products.
In line with these needs, EU and national legislation has recently been reorganised, in particular Regulation 178/02, the provisions of the Hygiene Package and legislative decree 193/07, which also deals with the sanctioning system.
Based on making operators responsible throughout the chain and drawn up with a view to prevention, it establishes measures such as:

  • a traceability system throughout the chain
  • immediate recall of batches and immediate communication to the Competent Authority in the case of food or feed considered unsafe
  • effective training of operators in relation to activities performed

Moreover, consumers’ demand for quality is not limited simply to food safety; just as important is the search for quality meaning guarantee of origin, genuineness of ingredients and tradition in production methods.
In light of the above, the agricultural-food industry aims to enhance the Gastronomic Made in Italy chains to offer national and international markets top quality products characterised by a strong element of typicality.
Agroqualità offers the agricultural-food market a certification proposal which focuses on both food safety aspects and compliance with mandatory requirements, as well as enhancing a product’s intrinsic quality. Moreover, for suppliers of national and international major retailers, there are specific qualification standards such as BRC, IFS and GLOBALGAP.
AAgroqualità, as well as its consolidated experience in the food sector, also has a wide range of authorisations related to PDO, PGI and TSG regulated certification, to protect typical marks in a European and international context.

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Criteria for the determination of the certification fees (Italian only)(PDF 29 KB)

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